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Your source for unforgettable climbing experiences and first-class equipment. Immerse yourself in a world of challenges and adrenaline, supported by expert advice and a passionate community. Discover new peaks, master difficult routes and experience climbing in its purest form!


Climb more

Climb, enjoy, succeed: the essence of climbing life.

Train hard

Intense training builds strength and resilience for climbing.

Feel safe

Safety in climbing: education, equipment, communication, preparedness.

Look good

Climbing enhances physique, confidence, and overall well-being.

Regenerate better

„Rest better“ ensures peak performance and safety.

Improve results

Enhance climbing performance through focused training and strategy.

Do more

Climb higher, push limits: „Do more!“ mindset.

Gear quality

Invest in top-quality gear for climbing safety.

Climbing at the highest physical and mental level

We are happy to show you the best walls, rocks and peaks in the world. Experience the fascination of mountain sports.

do your best!

Where Every Ascent Matters. Discover the Dynamic World of Climbing, From Intense Sport Climbs to High-Altitude Adventures. Gain Strength, Endurance, and Problem-Solving Skills. Embrace the Challenge, Master the Peak, and Elevate Beyond the Summit.

Climbing: It’s a Lifestyle.

Technique is everything

Climbing’s essence: proper technique reigns supreme. Mastery lies in form, balance, and precision. Technique dictates triumph on vertical terrain.

The right training

Training is key: strength, endurance, and technique. Consistent practice refines skills, builds confidence, and unlocks climbing potential.

Recovery is vital

Recovery is vital: rest, nutrition, and stretching. Restoring muscles, preventing injury, and optimizing performance through proper regeneration techniques.

Success can be planned

Success is achievable: set goals, strategize, and persist. Diligence, adaptability, and perseverance pave the path to attainable triumph.

Accept the challenge, achieve the goal.

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Current mountain sports news

Dave Graham Climbs Ali Hulk Sit Start Extension Total (9B/5.15b)
Dave Graham Climbs Ali Hulk Sit Start Extension Total (9B/5.15b)

In October 2020, American climber Dave Graham achieved a remarkable milestone in his climbing career by sending „Ali Hulk Sit Start...

Hans Radetzki and Solveig Korherr Conquer „Die neue Dimension des Grauens“ (10+/8b+)
Hans Radetzki and Solveig Korherr Conquer „Die neue Dimension des Grauens“ (10+/8b+)

In an impressive feat of endurance and skill, Hans Radetzki and Solveig Korherr recently completed the 4th and 5th ascents of the demanding...

Emma Twyford Repeats „Mission Impossible“ (E9/F8b)
Emma Twyford Repeats „Mission Impossible“ (E9/F8b)

Emma Twyford has added another significant achievement to her climbing resume by successfully repeating the challenging „Mission...

Current events

Petzl Frankenjura Climbing Festival
Petzl Frankenjura Climbing Festival

The Petzl Frankenjura Climbing Festival takes place every two years. We can hardly wait to meet you at the Königstein natural pool on the Corpus...

German bouldering championship
German bouldering championship

The German Championships As in previous years, we can look forward to three German championships in the disciplines bouldering, lead and speed in...

Rock Master Festival Arco
Rock Master Festival Arco

Rock Master Festival Arco Where? Arco, square in front of the Cantiere 26 multifunctional center What? Spectacular climbing competitions with top...


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