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A Fear of Heights: A reimagining of Irvine & Mallory on Everest. Kindle Edition

On 8th June 1924, George Mallory and Sandy Irvine are seen climbing strongly just below the summit of Mount Everest. They were never seen again. Decades of speculation about their fate begin. In 1999, Mallory’s body is finally discovered on the higher slopes of the mountain, but the one thing which could prove the summit was reached in 1924 is missing – Sandy Irvine’s camera.

In 2001, when James attempts Everest, he only survives because Alice gives him the oxygen he needs. Ten years later, now living in New Zealand, their marriage threatens to disintegrate when Alice rushes to England because her twin brother Simon, an Irvine obsessive, has disappeared. James refuses to go with her. Days later, their house is destroyed by an earthquake which devastates Christchurch.

When James forces himself to follow Alice to Cambridge and track down Simon, they find themselves confronted by a wall of secrecy and physical threats, and a chase begins to be the first to unveil the real secret of Irvine’s disappearance.

Blending the fantastic and beautiful landscapes of Norway and the North Face of Everest with the mundane but similarly dangerous cityscapes of Christchurch, Cambridge, and London, A Fear of Heights poses questions about spirituality and action, and about self and selflessness.

Does the ultimate prize always go to the most deserving?

„A Fear of Heights“ is available on Amazon as a Kindle Edition here:

Author: Richard Pierce

Price: £4.99

ExplorersWeb, the original climbing, exploration and adventure community. Reporting on polar, high altitude and extreme environment adventure news.

ExplorersWeb is a comprehensive resource dedicated to the world of exploration and adventure. It covers a wide range of topics, including mountaineering, polar exploration, long-distance trekking, and ocean rowing. The site features breaking news, expedition reports, gear reviews, and scientific articles related to various adventurous pursuits. Additionally, it offers multimedia content such as documentaries, interviews, and podcasts, providing a rich and engaging platform for enthusiasts and professionals alike to stay informed and inspired by the latest developments in the world of exploration.

Very good information site, great authors! Rigorous investigation of events with a very good team!


Twitter/X: ExplorersWeb is a Swiss online platform dedicated to snow sports enthusiasts. It offers comprehensive resources for skiers and snowboarders, including news, gear reviews, weather updates, and resort information. The site also features a community section where users can share experiences, tips, and photos from their adventures on the slopes. aims to keep its audience informed and engaged with the latest developments and trends in the world of snow sports.



Patagonia Vertical is the definitive mountaineering guidebook to the Chalten Massif Mountains in southern Patagonia in Argentina, which includes the Fitz Roy, Torre, Piergiorgio, Marconi and Adela Mountain groups.  The climbing here is centered on numerous steep jagged granite spires that range from 300m to 1,500m high.  These mountains provide many classic alpine mountaineering routes involving rock, snow, ice-climbing, and scrambling.

The quality and attention to detail stands out in this guidebook, with every aspect of the climbing in the area covered.  This includes monthly average precipitation, humidity, temperature, and wind speed through to good environmental practice.  Each route includes technical details, a description, a history, descent details, a bibliography, plus an excellent quality colour photo topo or line topo (often both).

Whilst climbing in this region is still an adventure the general infrastructure has vastly improved meaning climbing in the Chalten Massif is a climbing trip and not an expedition.  The best time is visit is from is November through to the end of February, which statistically is the driest period.

Written by Rolando Garibotti and published in October 2022 (revised 3rd edition), this guidebook is written in English text throughout.

Number of pages is 416.
Size is 150mm x 240mm.
ISBN is 9789616027199.

To Buy here: